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Ultraverse Character- Loki by Psyko6669
Ultraverse Character- Loki
Just as an example of how one of these should look, I made Loki (The movies? The comics? Doesn't matter) as an example using the rules of the game.
Name: Loki
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 2200 (I kinda just estimated, since he's immortal and all I don't think it matters to get the exact number)
Sex: Male (the stat differences I said before are applied in-game)
Race: Frost Giant/Norseman (since he's a hybrid, his base stats shown below are distributed as a mix of both races--as in, Race X has a Charisma of 1 and Race Y has a Charisma of 10, then Race Z would have a Charisma of 5; if Race X and Race Y have the same stat, then that stat carries over to Race Z as well)
Subclass: Elder God
Class: Magician (since Magician's magic focuses on summons, illusions, etc., I figured it would fit perfectly)

The base stats listed are what any character would have for base stats by using the same Hybrid combination (before adding any points; ignore the level, Loki had to be Level 40 before he could begin the Divine questline, which would explain the high level in conjunction with how long it takes to progress through the skill tree) before adding the skill points. Though, taking that into account, here's what I assume that'd look like. In the order listed: 7, 10, 9, 8, 7, 4 (seeing as how two points were taken out from Strength and distributed to Wisdom and Dexterity for balance, most of the initial 5 points are put towards buffing Intelligence for magic and Charisma).

Blank Character Sheet here:…
Ultraverse Character Creator by Psyko6669
Ultraverse Character Creator
Just to give you a hint about how the Player Character Creation will work in my RPG Ultraverse Expanded, I've decided to post the Character Creation sheet for everyone. This Character Sheet is universal across all settings, allowing anyone to use this however you want (so long as credit directs to me). Here's how to use it:
1- Fill out your character's name (this is the least necessary thing, and you can call yourself whatever; you can be Ernest the Troll or Mike the Centaur, it really doesn't matter).

2- Decide your characters' STARTING Alignment (this one has a much bigger impact, as it determines how your character would think and act, and can shift according to your actions; i.e. good people can turn evil and vice versa). The alignments available are: Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good (the Good and Evil morality is what matters but Lawful or Chaotic is up to either players' actions/preference), Lawful Neutral, True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil, and Orange (this is a complete abandonment of conventional morality, allowing you to leave yourself you your own devices). Fun fact: your morality is less likely to be shifted to undesirable locations when playing as an Anti-hero/Anti-villain.

3- Setting your Age (your character can be any age between 6 and 6000, depending on your race's lifespan; this can affect you quite a bit, as older characters tend to be stronger and wiser and younger characters tend to be faster and more charismatic--given how adorable they are). The age groups are as follows--also listing human equivalent ages for reference: Child (10 or less), Teenager (11 or 12-16), Youth (17-21), Adult (22-35), Middle-Aged (36-49), Elder (50-65), Old (66-80), Decrepit (81-99), Immortal (100 or more). Please keep in mind the human ages listed represent physical appearance and may apply differently depending on races through a number of factors.

4- Selecting a character's Sex (this is not the same as the gender your character may or may not identify as, and doesn't factor in sexual orientation or lack thereof). The general rule is that selecting a Male character gives +1.5 to their base Strength and Constitution stats at the cost of -0.5 from their base Dexterity, and a Female character gives +1.5 to their base Intelligence and Dexterity at the cost of -0.5 from their base Constitution. This doesn't account for Race or Age. However, only characters above their equivalent of 22 can get married and characters above age 15 can receive augmentations (physical things tattoos, piercings, and so on or full-on cybergear and mechanical body parts, weapons, and upgrades in the Cyberpunk setting for example)

5- Selecting your Playable Race (Each Race has it's own pros and cons, and this will most likely be the biggest deciding factor of your character; also to keep in mind is that all playable Races can, theoretically, create a hybrid that mixes their base stats and when playing a hybrid both races must be listed: i.e. Minotaur/Orc, Centaur/Harpy, Frost Giant/Fairy, etc.). Unique/unlisted Playable races not found in the Character Guide here (…) are also encouraged but you'll need to calculate their base stats--as long as they aren't too weak/strong, it can be made available.

6- Subclasses (this is only if applicable, and not required, but it does add interesting benefits, along with a few weaknesses to balance them out). In case you're curious, these are the Subclasses so far: Lycanthrope, Vampire, Werebeast (comes in several variants including Rat, Bear, Tiger, Bat, Lion, and Horse just to name a few, but will overwrite Lycanthropy and cannot be stacked with other classes), Corrupted, Divine (only for Players Level 40+; also called Seraph or Prince for Angels and Demons respectively), Undead, Shadow Walker (augmented by Corruption), Silent Agent (Doesn't stack with Shadow Walker), Dream-Walker, and Ghost (cannot stack with Undead). Don't stack your character up with everything, don't stack conflicting or unstackable Sublcasses, and keep in mind that each subclass also stacks its weaknesses, even if they might contradict each other.

7- Selecting your Class (this one is equally as important as Race, and will define your character the most: what weapons they're best with, what armor will help/hinder their combat style, how well they can use magic, and how fast they can attack; some classes are better with magic, some are better with combat, and some have their own uses/battle techniques and--like Races--any playable Class not listed in the aforementioned character guide can be added so long as they're equal). The biggest draw to this is that a Player's class and race will always compliment each other (Troll Wizard, Fairy Barbarian, Djinn Shepard, etc.) so there's no straw men saying "Orcs can't be Wizards" or "How can a Dryad be a Death Knight?" For added fun, try mixing and matching Moralities,Races, and Classes for things like a Lawful Good Satyr Warlock or a Chaotic Evil Gnome Paladin. It could create some really fun story potential.

Lastly, we move onto the base stats: Strength (how hard you can throw a punch and adds a little extra behind your weapons), Intelligence (your mental fortitude, and has a chance to add +1.5% to your magic to make it more useful), Charisma (for talking your way into/out of things, such as conning guards, getting information, or getting yourself out of a fight), Constitution (how hard hard you can take a punch; this also affects your HP by adding 5 points for every point you have here), Wisdom (your sense of Perception, and can augment your accuracy with bows and ranged weapons), and Dexterity (how quick you are and how fast you attack). Keep in mind, no one stat can be above 10 or below 1 and when creating a character you have 5 skill points to distribute wherever you prefer.
As for the Albino checkbox, Albinism can apply to any race (even if it's exceptionally rare) and--aside from giving your character a unique appearance, it also lets you distribute 7 skill points instead of 5 and 2 skill points instead of 1 every 5 levels (max. 70, or up to 100 with potential DLC). 

For further Information, please consult the Character Compendium, gives a complete list of all the Playable Races and Classes available so far:… frequent updates as they come)    A few last things: be realistic (don't just give yourself a Prestige Class at, like, Level 10 or select the Traveller Class from the beginning which is impossible), don't be afraid to really go out there (don't just make an endless stream of True Neutral Human Warriors; get creative! Ask yourself things like "What if a High Elf princess ran away with a Troll Shepard, and their son/daughter became a Lawful Evil Berzerker?" or "What if my female Orc ran away from her tribe to become a Cleric, despite everyone else hating her for it and being turned away by several monasteries because of her Chaotic Evil past?"), and, even more importantly, you can use up to three of these character sheets to create yourself an entire party of characters and flesh them out (like a haggardly disgraced Paladin woman leading two young Troll twins to find their lost mother, or a Choatic Evil Minotaur and his Gargoyle slave meet a Neutral Good Fairy who the Minotaur falls in love with, much to the anger of his servant).

Ultraverse Expanded is owned by me, as is this template. Even though anyone and everyone are allowed to use this to create their own characters, credit for said character creation sheet remains exclusively with me alone.
I wasn't wrong about Teen Titans Go! being the worst thing ever, Cartoon Network or otherwise, but I was wrong about its latest episode Cool School. This is one of the funniest episodes ever and really pisses me off! Where was THIS episode when we had Smile Bones, Money Grandma, Waffles, Serious Business, Uncle Jokes, Multiple Trick Pony, and GOD KNOWS what else?!?!?! I didn't know it was possible to top Let's Get Serious! but if they make more episodes like Cool School they just might break even  
Who's That Pokemon? by Psyko6669
Who's That Pokemon?
Seriously, this has bugged me for years and I have no idea who that Pokemon is or who that chick is. I've seen this on the cover of this Red/Bue/Yellow Pokemon guide I bought at a bookstore a long time ago and I've never figured it out. If anyone else knows, please lease a comment.
As some of you may or may not know, I have decided to create a new series that--essentially--fuses the universes of One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Death Note, Soul Eater, and Monster Rancher all into the same entity; before you go saying that's a bad idea, I can safely assure you that none of the characters in those universes exist in this one, meaning that any special powers, or Devil Fruits, or anything like that are considered up for grabs since characters like Luffy, Maka, Guko, etc. don't actually exist in this world. I already have the basics laid down, and I have my three main characters, but I still need your help. I'm looking for OC's from the universes I mentioned above to add to this world and pad out the cast. Just send a PM or comment below with your OC's information (name, age, powers and/or species--if applicable, unless it's just human, anything like that) and tell me what you want to do with them--make them an ally, a rival, a villain, even the main antagonist of an arc. If you don't know how well I'll write them and fear that I may write them too far out of character, you can always ask to join in the writing team. Note: your OC may or may not be subjected to some change, some more minor than others, but I'll try my hardest to maintain their integrity and keep them as close to your vision as possible (and I may send some questions your way asking like, "Would it be in character for X to do this?" "I was going to give X this character arc where he turns good/evil over the course of the Y arc. Would you be okay with that?" etc.).

-I'll be taking any OC's that you guys send in, or any story requests, but if your character isn't EXACTLY like you intended or they have a smaller role than you wanted them too, keep in mind that I have to take some creative liberties and some characters may just hold more weight, or your character may be rejected for being too weak/too strong (this isn't a negative reflection on your character, it simply means that you may need to polish them up a little bit).
-Before you ask: yes, you can submit more than 1 OC at a time, just don't go overboard and give me half of your entire gallery all at once. No one can submit more than, let's say, six characters at once--even if they're all part of the same crew or something.
-Unique or original species are welcomed and applauded, but you also have to explain how this species works.
-One last thing: the characters need to feel organic to the universe you're submitting them in (or multiple universes, if they cross into others like a Super Saiyan Devil Fruit User or a a Shinigami Pokemon Rancher).
-Again, keep in mind that NONE of the characters from One Piece, Dragon Ball, etc.'s canon exist, so don't submit stuff like Luffy's long-lost sister or Black Star's cousin or something, and don't be too surprised if your character was created to be shipped with another canon character only for him/her love interest to either have changed or vanished altogether.
-I don't have a set limit on how many OC's I'll be taking, but I want to try and keep an even(ish) number, meaning that you may have submitted an OC, it was approved, but it wasn't officially added yet. Most likely this will either because I have too many OC's submitted from there or I just simply forgot to add it to the list.


Dorian Black
United States
I'm here with a purpose, to spread my creativity throughtout the internet and see just how far I can go with my original race Trossels.

Current Residence: Canada
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Hip-Hop, some Metal
Favourite style of art: Surreal
MP3 player of choice: 32g iPod Touch
Favourite cartoon character: Zoey Trent, Bart Simpson, the Not-So-Human Stick
Personal Quote: 'Redemption is only for those who deserve it.'


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I wasn't wrong about Teen Titans Go! being the worst thing ever, Cartoon Network or otherwise, but I was wrong about its latest episode Cool School. This is one of the funniest episodes ever and really pisses me off! Where was THIS episode when we had Smile Bones, Money Grandma, Waffles, Serious Business, Uncle Jokes, Multiple Trick Pony, and GOD KNOWS what else?!?!?! I didn't know it was possible to top Let's Get Serious! but if they make more episodes like Cool School they just might break even  

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